The World’s 20 Most Amazing Tunnels

East Side Access project (Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York)

Check out “The World’s 20 Most Amazing Tunnels” by Terrell Johnson.

This list has scope–from leaves to concrete, natural wonders to engineering marvels, biblical to contemporary–and lots of pretty pictures. Spoiler: #4 is the New York East Side Access Project!

Thank you to Sarah Fite, writer extraordinaire, for sharing the article. Know a great article about the underground? Please send it my way.

You can see more on the New York East Side Access Project at the article I shared earlier this month.


3 thoughts on “The World’s 20 Most Amazing Tunnels

  1. It was so cool to meet you at the signing! My hubby was already asleep when I got home but I’m going to show him this site and photos.. he is a Civil Engineer and is going to LOVE this! Thanks for making my evening 😉

    1. I had a great night getting to know you and talking books. You. Are. Awesome. You definitely made my evening. Thanks for checking out the site. I might want to talk with your hubbie… Hugs to you!

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