Happy book birthday to TALES OF A 10TH GRADE VAMPIRE HUNTER

Tales of a 10th Grade Vampire Hunter

For Gidion Keep, hunting vampires is easy.

It’s high school that might kill him.

Richmond author Bill Blume’s debut novel, Tales of a 10th Grade Vampire Hunterwas technically released yesterday (August 20th), but the book launch is tonight, so I’m celebrating today. I’m selfish; I want to share my birthday with a book I love. You see, birth dates are important for Gidion Keep: they carry more weight when you’re born on Friday the 13th into a family of vampire hunters.

CanalWalk01aAlmost two years ago, Bill, a talented writer with a delightfully twisted view of the river city, asked me to be a beta reader. The manuscript should have come with a warning. Caution: will make readers miss appointments and procrastinate on pressing tasks. Fast forward to 2013 (there’s a 13 again!). I can’t wait to get lost again in Bill’s world of Shockoe back streets and county crematories.

Gidion Keep is down in Shockoe tonight, back to the dark Canal Walk and thundering overpasses where he stalks his prey. Get to Fountain Bookstore early, because there’ll be birthday doughnuts… and after reading this book, you don’t want to be in the Bottom too late.


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