Research Video II: NYC drainpipe

Here I am walking up a 4′ diameter drainpipe under New York. This pipe carries stormwater from the area surrounding Highbridge Park down to the Harlem River. Today I’m writing a scene set in this pipe. I love my life. I really enjoyed the exploration, and I hope my beta readers will enjoy my depiction.

The video starts when Steve and I are over 75% up the pipe. Here is a photo of Steve on his way down the pipe.

Companion descending 4' diameter drain pipe

See the tiny light speck in the photo below? It’s not your monitor. That’s Steve’s headlamp at the bottom of the pipe.

Speck in the middle of the photo is the same headlamp one minute later

Thank you to my wonderful husband for filming. You can see more photos and a video from our trip here.


Check out “Inside An Illegal Party In An Abandoned Subway Station Deep Under NYC”

Tod Seelie / Gothamist.
Tod Seelie / Gothamist.

Check out “Inside An Illegal Party In An Abandoned Subway Station Deep Under NYC” by Tod Seelie. Gothamist. June 24, 2013.

I wish I’d been there.

Writing Soundtrack: Drains

Some writers create inspirational playlists featuring the best of modern music. Me? I’m listening to drain sounds as I write the next scene in my WIP.

I recorded this clip while researching in New York. You can see photos from the trip here:

The World’s 20 Most Amazing Tunnels

East Side Access project (Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York)

Check out “The World’s 20 Most Amazing Tunnels” by Terrell Johnson.

This list has scope–from leaves to concrete, natural wonders to engineering marvels, biblical to contemporary–and lots of pretty pictures. Spoiler: #4 is the New York East Side Access Project!

Thank you to Sarah Fite, writer extraordinaire, for sharing the article. Know a great article about the underground? Please send it my way.

You can see more on the New York East Side Access Project at the article I shared earlier this month.

Underground New York

Underground New York

MTAPhoto’s East Side Access Project

These stunning photos of MTA’s East Side Access project show why I’m in awe of NYC’s underground infrastructure.

Thank you to David Kazzie for sharing the link. Check out David’s book and snort-inducing “So You Want to Write a Novel” video at his blog: