#FridayReads: A Little F’D UP

  A Little F’D Up: Why Feminism Is Not a Dirty Word by Julie Zeilinger, Founder of TheFBomb.org.

Young women today have a bad reputation, and for good reason: They’re sexting their classmates, they spend more time on FaceBook than they do in class, and their appetite for material possessions and reality TV is matched only by their overwhelming apathy about important social and political issues. Right? Wrong. FBomb blog creator Julie Zeilinger debunks these (and other) myths about modern youth in A Little F’d Up, the first book about feminism for young women in their teens and twenties to actually be written by one of their peers.* In this accessible handbook, Zeilinger takes a critical, honest, and humorous look at where young feminists are as a generation, and where they’re going—and she does so from the perspective of someone who’s in the trenches right alongside her readers. Fun, funny, and engaging, A Little F’d Up is a must-read for the growing number of intelligent, informed young women out there who are ready to start finding their voice—and changing the world.

*Julie Zeilinger was teenager when she wrote A Little F’d Up. It came out in 2012, and Julie isn’t set to graduate from Barnard College until 2015.

More about The FBomb

The FBomb.org is a blog/community created by and for teen and college-aged women and men who care about their rights and want to be heard. Name In this case the “F Bomb” stands for “feminist.” However, it also pokes fun at the idea that the term “feminist” is so stigmatized — it is our way of proudly reclaiming the word. The fact that the “F Bomb” usually refers to a certain swear word in popular culture is also not coincidental. The FBomb.org is loud, proud, sarcastic and passionate…everything young feminists are today. From TheFBomb.org

#FridayReads (or listens) from around the web

I needed this TED Talk video today. I also needed her other TED Talk. I hope they’ll inspire you to keep creating and keep showing up for your part of the job.

This weekend is RavenCon, so I’m sure I’ll find more weekend reads by great authors. Meet me there and we’ll find books together. Happy weekend!

*#FridayReads is the brainchild of the fabulous Bethanne Patrick (@TheBookMaven on Twitter). It’s a Twitter conversation for every bibliophile to share loves and find new ones.


SCBWI in the house

Today I received my Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators membership packet with my membership card, bulletin, and publication guide. I ripped into that Express Mail envelope like a kid at Christmas. I highly recommend joining to anyone who writes for kids: picture books, chapter books, YA, and everything in between.

Look at the goodies inside (with photographic evidence):

Preparing and submitting your work with info on critique groups, formatting manuscripts, types of publishers, query letters, FAQ with a children’s book editor, and more.

Legal Questions like contracts and copyrights.

Publicizing your published work including grassroots promotion, keeping your book alive, web hosting and design, and more.

School visit info on domestic and international directories as well as sample lecture contracts.

Market surveys including small press, magazine, religious, and educational presses.

Directories & resources that were enough to make me bounce like an Easter bunny on speed.

There are times when I shell out money for a membership and a year later don’t feel it’s worth it. I’m only a few weeks into SCBWI membership and I’m already 100% convinced it was worth the membership cost. I’ll keep you posted on more membership perks. Can you recommend other great professional organizations for writers?